East Kent Coastal Petanque League - Volume 15 Issue 3

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Welcome to the East Kent Coastal web site, this is a non affiliated league played on tuesday evenings and welcomes licenced and non-licenced players. For equipment supplies etc checkout the UK Petanque Portal.
Division one Played Won Games Points
Brown Jug A 6 6 23 76
Brown Jug B 6 5 23 120
Whitfield A 5 4 18 113
Yellabacks 6 3 13 -12
H Bay Seals 4 2 7 -33
Brown Jug C 6 1 13 -18
The Bottles 5 1 6 -118
East Kent 6 0 7 -125

Division two Played Won Games Points
Foragers 6 5 22 91
H Bay Herons 5 5 17 58
Monument 2 6 2 14 10
Crafty Jacks 6 2 13 -42
Brown Jug E 5 2 11 -46
H Bay Gulls 5 2 10 -6
Manston Flyers 5 1 9 -50
Five Bells 2 1 4 -20

Division three Played Won Games Points
Whitfield B 6 4 20 90
The Taverners 5 4 15 53
The Vale 5 3 13 -13
Monument 1 5 2 12 -30
Hoverspeed 5 2 11 -56
The Rising Sun 4 2 10 -3
Brown Jug G 5 2 10 -3
Brown Jug D 5 1 9 -38

Please Note

Foragers do not provide food at their venue.

Whitfield teams have had a delay building their 3rd piste so their matches may take a little longer.



See Forth comming comps ...


League Report

I would appreciate some feedback on the desirability of continuing the circulation of the EKCO Newsletter which is now in its 15th year.

It seems that in these days of electronic communication, which of course is virtually instant, the EKCO has become somewhat old fashioned and perhaps redundant. Frequently the feeling is that the newsletter is merely repeating what is already on the website.

Draw for R2 of Cup (Repeated from issue 2)

Rising Sun v H Bay Gulls

Whitfield B v The Vale

Brown Jug C v East Kent

Brown Jug D v Whitfield A

Brown Jug A bye

Brown Jug B bye

Brown Jug E bye

Hoverspeed bye

On the subject of the draw for various rounds of Cup / Plate matches I have been asked in past years and again this year.

Q How is the draw made?

A Drawing numbered balls out of a bag.

Q Who does the draw?

A Me.

Q Who witnesses the draw?

A Usually my wife.

I am open to suggestions as to how you would like this changed.

(a) do we have a representative from each club present?

(b) is the committee to make the draw at a special meeting?

(c ) perhaps an informal meeting at a specified venue where anyone interested could turn up?

Again I would like some feedback.

Three divisions?

With the increase in the number of teams this year and the consequent move into three divisions, clubs were left with fewer league matches.

I take responsibility for suggesting that cup and plate matches be played over two legs in an effort to build up to the number of matches played in previous seasons.

Mutterings and murmurings indicate that the whole thing has not been regarded as a resounding success.

At least we, the committee, were prepared to try something different.

It is not possible to change the format in the middle of the season so we will have to live with it for the current season.

Doubtless it will be thrashed out at the 2010 AGM.

Future events.

Singles  at  The Brown Jug............July 4th 2010
Doubles at Share & Coulter............August 8th 2010
Triples  at   The Brown Jug............September 5th 2010

The Herne Bay Club is to hold an OPEN doubles competition on the 22nd of August 2010. All are welcome.

Further details will be published probably in the form of a flyer.

The Oyster Festival Petanque competition will take place on Sunday 25th July. Venue as last year.







  If you have any information or pictures you would like to contribute to this website please email them to alan@petanque.co.uk